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We appreciate all of the families that attend and have attended LUZ and we are so grateful for them showing us so much love.

My girls have been attending Sundays at Luz familia and they are so happy there. All of the staff are so nurturing and supportive and they provide my girls with so much care, attention and positivity. I love their Montessori holistic approach and I would recommend Luz to anyone wanting the best for the development of their children in a comfortable setting. 

Kelly Weekers



Liza and Anna are angels! They have created a second home where they spread their warm and calming energy on the kids. They have fully attention to the needs of each specific kid, you can tell they really love to be with them. Felin was always happy to be at Luz and still is when she goes on a Sunday. You are very lucky if your child can join the Luz family.

Gulay Batman

(mother Feline, Quirijn, Leyla) 

Our little boy never liked to be left anywhere. There was not a daycare where we could leave him without receiving a call that we had to pick him up. But since he met Liza everything changed. She has a gift. She is always present, always patient and she understands kids in the most beautiful and magical way. Soon Liza became his best friend and there is not a place in the world he enjoys going to more then Luz.

Lindsy Stellaard (mother River, Lily) 

"When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions. It's our job to share our calm, not join their chaos"

Ana has been there for my children. In every way, whatever the situation. Her magical powers? Her profound and active listening and comprehension of each ones specific needs,  firm and loving limits to always better their autonomy and self esteem, and a light that shines from deep within her that mesmerizes our little ones and makes them feel at home and strive to be their better selves. She became a family member for us from the deep connection she created in my children, always positive, always present. 


Thank you Ana, there is a before and after you in the growth of my family. Always thankful

Sabina - (mother Kala and Ayu) 

Lindsy Stellaard (mother River, Lily) 

My daughter India turned 3 the week she started nursery with Anita. We had been preparing with story books about nursery, it was a big deal for India to start nursery and be separated from me – and it was a big deal for me, but with Anita I couldn’t have asked for a smoother process or a more wonderful guide to leave India with. 

Anita is an absolute blessing for young children embarking on this journey, her love for children and passion for their support and development is outstanding. Anita immediately created the safe space that India needed and was very conscious that we worked on an integration process that suited her personality and needs, starting with leaving her for an hour and building up to the full morning over a couple of weeks. 


India flourished under Anita’s care and they are firm friends to this day. I am very grateful to Anita for giving India such a happy start to pre-school, for the enthusiasm she fostered for life and learning, and for the laughs they shared. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for someone to guide their child or children through these pre-school years to join Anita and the Luz family. 

Lily Max (mother India)

"Play is the highest form of research"

We dreamed of a sending our children to a school that nurtured their spirits, supported their curiosities, engaged in their interests, expanded their perceptions and cared for their emotions. LUZ Familia does all of that and so much more. 

A beautiful spacious space, filled with light, where the environment is thoughtfully planned and prepared. The guides with the biggest hearts, unwavering commitment and dedication, huge passion and smiles so warm and friendly. Anita, Liza and Lara are THE dream team, the children love them and you can see how much they adore all the children. 

Luz Familia offers a Montessori teaching environment which was important to us. The forest is right next to Luz and our son loves the forest adventures they go on regularly. Everyday he says or does something that we know he has learnt at Luz. He is extremely happy and so are we.   

We are beyond grateful for Luz Familia and the wonderful team.

Thank you Ana, there is a before and after you in the growth of my family. Always thankful

The Stokes Family

Our daughter Maya attends Luz Famila, we could not be happier with them.


Luz provides such a loving and caring space for our child. They nurture child’s uniqueness in the most beautiful and gentle way. Maya has amazing relations with all the 3 guides. Liza, Ana and Lara are so wonderful with all the children. We love teaching methodologies applied in Luz and can see how much knowledge Maya is effortlessly absorbing spending time in their beautifully created environment.

What is very important to us is their emphasis on connection to nature and the world around us. They teach children the value of kindness they show  them how to shine their inner light.

We love being part of Luz community and meet with like minded parents, it really does feel like one being family.

We love Luz!

Diana & Bo

"Keep shining beautiful one. The world needs your light"

Our Daughter Mila attends Luz since they opened in 2023. As a first time mother I was always very hesitant on bringing my child to any other place than home. We had tried bringing Mila to daycare in Holland and she hated all 3 places we had brought her. She cried all the time and didn't want us to leave her there so we stopped trying! Once we moved to Ibiza and heard about LUZ we were instantly excited about their vision, their approach and of course their amazing location, what a dream! We brought Mila and I had never seen her so happy an in her place. Liza and Ana are like family, they treat all the kids equally and make them feel so much at home. They acknowledge them and their emotions, guiding them in how to regulate big feelings, and be confident in life. I could not wish for a better place than Luz and better teachers looking after our daughter, as a helicopter mom I finally could let go and feel at ease with bringing my daughter somewhere. Thank you so much! We love you

The Armstrong family

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