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Welcome to luz

Luz familia offers a child center education and provides a respectful and individualized experience for each kid. We help children grow in to confident, independent, mindful and compassionate individuals with an enduring love for learning and imaginative and creative minds.

Creating a nurturing and holistic learning environment where children are empowered to discover and express their unique talents, while developing a sense of compassion and connect with the world around them.

We seek to develop the whole person, cultivating respectful behavior towards all living beings. Our program combines activities and learning experiences that help grow the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual awareness of the child.


We will do our best to keep you informed about your child's day at LUZ, our curriculum, and our observations of your child's growth and development. Please let us know if unusual circumstances are occurring at home or elsewhere in your family or child's life. Some aspects of family life, such as illness or separations, can be hard for children to understand or cope with and are therefore very important for the teaching staff to know about. When we are informed, we are prepared to help your child think and talk about what is happening. All sensitive family matters are treated confidentially and discussions regarding such information are limited to the regular teaching staff.


We can definitely understand that starting an unparented program can be a big transition for families! We want to reassure you that it is completely common to feel this way- for both children and parents! It can be a tough transition for little ones to go from spending lots of time with their family, to moving into a new and unfamiliar environment. Our guides are very gentle, and we are happy to take the time to ensure that children feel comfortable as they enter the classroom. When the first day is met with a bit of hesitation, we invite parents to come stay in the main room with the child and interact for 10-15 minutes. Communication at this moment is important, what will happen and when. “For example: I’ll pick you up always, I’m just going to the shop. After this time and reassuring words, we see if parents are able to leave the room (and also have a front waiting area where you are welcome to sit for a little bit to see how your child responds). We work together with you to slowly transition your child until they feel confident to come into the class all by themselves. We always take it slow, with adding time to the day. First day from 9:00 till 12:00 second day might stay for lunch…. All depending on how the child feels. Preparing before you start adaptation, is always a good idea. New backpack, show what’s inside… talk about the new experience and that they are aloud to feel excited. See you later alligator… make it fun.


Luz familia offers your child a safe, nurturing & loving space where they can truly be themselves and learn to grow & flourish through adventures with our team of qualified experienced guides. Through yoga, mindfulness and intentional nature-based crafts, kids learn about unity & community, develop a sense of belonging and deepen their connection to self, others, nature and the world around us.    Together, we get outside to explore nature, learn about our community and walk to the Forrest. We believe that positive change starts with the smallest of citizens. By starting with today’s youth, together we can change the world. We recognize that; each child is unique and everyone experiences and looks at the world differently.   We believe it is our purpose to ensure that every child has access to tools and skills that will allow them to access their full potential - through community, education, connection, and building capacity.

Why WE OFFER this

Why you need our programming

• To learn skills that are imperative to the optimal success and wellbeing of each child

• Provide youth with the knowledge and tools to tackle daily challenges + life

• Develop opportunities for connection, community, and giving back to contribute to more responsible, caringcourageous individuals

• Increase self-awareness + other social-emotional tools that allow youth to confidently problem solve 

• Take an ‘upstream’ approach to health and education… equip kids with the tools and skills they need. Prevent bigger problems from arising by eliminating barriers to accessing programming. 

• Give them the foundation to grow

• Prepare them for the school experience at the age of 6

• Make beautiful core memories

• Friendships that last forever


Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to book a tour! We would love to see you at LUZ.

Whatsapp +34 609 82 87 45

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